News for the Spring – and new discounts

We are starting the spring with lots of spring offers and a range of new products.

After a long wait for new products, we have finally received another large delivery with news items for you. We are very happy that something is working with the supply chains after all.

Due to the large number of new products, we only want to present you a small selection today. For the complete overview, you can of course visit our shop at any time:

As a small addition to our presentation from last year, there are now bunny tails for the interchangeable tail set or also the low-priced three-pack with different designs for dogs. The plugs whether with or without vibration are now also available from us individually.Bunny Tails InterchangeableFor the friends of extraordinary fun, we have also added a number of new animal dildos to our portfolio again, including the particularly large Pony Boy with a length of 43 cm or the very flexible Wolf Dildo in different colours.

Choker with Heart LockSince there were so many chokers to be found among the collars until now, we now have a new category for them. Newly added are chokers with gemstones, heart locks and rings.

Dog Mask with Colorable OptionsIn the Outlet we have added a few new individual pieces at particularly low prices. In addition, you can buy the customisable dog masks in leather and rubber at greatly reduced prices at the moment.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you may have and look forward to seeing you in person again at events during this year.

Black and Purple and Interesting

You probably already know about our animal dildos, where we have a wide selection of different animal dildos ready for you, from cats to dogs to horses.

A new sub-category has now been added with special shapes, because we are not entirely sure which living being it represents. In any case, there are interesting shapes and due to the production of silicone, the dildos are all very flexible and even softer than the previous black ones. Speaking of black, the colors also look great with black and purple.


Cobra Dildo

We also have something new for the friends of seafood salad. An octopus tentacle available in three different colors. Light blue transparent goes perfectly with it, of course.

Octopus dildoHave a look at the special shapes sub-category or as usual all new products here.

Neoprene Masks for Pigs

We have again a few new products for you and we’ll post you some update about them in the following days. If you are curious about them now already, head over to the shop’s new products page.

For today we have the first neoprene mask for piggys for you.

This is designed like the well-known neoprene dog masks. So with ears and a detachable snout. But of course in beautiful pink and piggy snout.Neoprene Mask PigPig ears shouldn’t be missing, of course. And neoprene is very easy to use and robust against almost all environmental influences, as has already been mentioned here.

New Neoprene Puppy Masks

Now we have March already again and sprin is slowly coming. Also Easter weekend is ahead soon. So we have added some new products in our petplay shop, this time above all there is something for the puppies again.

With the wonderful neoprene masks there has been additions now. The neoprene material is popular cause it’s flexible, not so sweaty like latex and much easier to care.

New in stock is a white maske with black muzzle for the innocent doggies (we have heard rumors about these things! Hard to believe anyway 🙂 )
White Puppy Neoprene Muzzle

Again in white but with a cool pattern at the muzzle we present the foxhound hood. We love this mask already and have waited for the delivery this week but now it is scheduled for monday to arrive…

Foxhound Hood

Last not least there’s the puppy mask in army look. If you don’t want to be seen 😉

Puppy Neoprene Muzzle Army

Beside all these lovely mask we have added some new accessoires to the pride collection, so you can start in the hopefully soon coming pride season. And to show your colors hardly can hurt.

Also for the naughty puppies there is a paddle so your backside can properly red when not obeying.

We wish you a fine weekend and say Wooof for today!

Choker in various designs

In the new year we have added a collection of new chokers in our shop. They are completely made of vegan leather and available with different accessoires. With rings or with hears for the upcoming Valentine’s Day.Choker mit GlöckchenChoker mit HerzChoker mit Herz und Schloß

All chokers and collars made of leather you can find here

And for the kittens we have a new headband with kitten ears.

Haarreif mit Katzenohren

Discount instead Fair

In these hours the BoFeWo 2020 fair would open their doors if it wouldn’t have been cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic. We are very sad it doesn’t happen this year but that’s how life is. We already miss the contacts, fun and work of the fair.

But it is how it is we have at least made our 10% fair discount available again. So from now until sunday night (Sept 27th)  we offer you the discount with the bofewo2020 code.

Just enter the code during the checkout and it will be deduced right away.

We do hope to see everyone again next year at the BoFeWo 2021!

Puppy Masks in Brown

The leather puppy masks in black are now also available in brown leather. They come also with a removable muzzle and two exchangable tongues in blue and red (both included). The material is a sturdy leather that won’t let you down. Same as the black version they come in variants with floppy and standing ears.

Also still available is the leather dog mask in black leather same as the rubber puppy mask with replacable ears and tongues in different colors (as long as stock lasts).Leather Dog Mask with standing ears in brown

Leather Dog Mask with standing ears in brown

We bring color into your play

Long long ago since the last time we have had new products for you. Due to the ongoing pandemic the new arrivals are still rare and all the fairs are cancelled still.

Nontheless we have something new colorful in the shop for all puppies.

So we have a new leather mask, which you can individualize with ears and tongue sets in different colors. Default the hood comes with black ears and tongue, the sets are available in blue, yellow, green, purple, red, white and orange.

Fitting for the hood we have a chest harness also made of leather. You can adjust it with differently colored leather bones to you like.And for everyone who want to give the outfit the final touch, we have the fitting leash. The leash has a chain with carabiner and a leather handle in different colors.

All new produkts in the overview:

or direct here as single links:

Puppy Leather Hood:

Leather Chest Harness:

Leather Puppy Leash:


Review – Preview

The last weeks and months have been partly pretty rough for many people. There were cuts in the trade in goods and parcel delivery, some items were out of stock for a long time or were not available. Due to the restrictions in international air traffic and the required redirection to the waterways, delivery times were also significantly increased at times. Fortunately, we were and are not much affected by this and the situation has now mostly returned to normal. Unfortunately, due to the global crisis, there were no new products to introduce, so our blog was pretty devastated.

But let’s look ahead: The german government has lowered the VAT for products from 19% to 16% as of July 1st, 2020. If the german tax is applicable for you, the price in our shop is now lowered about 3% as well, which makes makes some “funny” price. But we believe in passing on this discount to you. The VAT will be raising back to 19% in January 1st, 2021.

New products should be available again soon and though we’ll post you the latest news in the blog as usual.

So last not least some small picture from the last days for your amusement, we are sending best wishes from Berlin (Germany) to all our friends, pets and petplayers worldwide. Stay safe and healthy!