New Neoprene Puppy Masks

Now we have March already again and sprin is slowly coming. Also Easter weekend is ahead soon. So we have added some new products in our petplay shop, this time above all there is something for the puppies again.

With the wonderful neoprene masks there has been additions now. The neoprene material is popular cause it’s flexible, not so sweaty like latex and much easier to care.

New in stock is a white maske with black muzzle for the innocent doggies (we have heard rumors about these things! Hard to believe anyway 🙂 )
White Puppy Neoprene Muzzle

Again in white but with a cool pattern at the muzzle we present the foxhound hood. We love this mask already and have waited for the delivery this week but now it is scheduled for monday to arrive…

Foxhound Hood

Last not least there’s the puppy mask in army look. If you don’t want to be seen 😉

Puppy Neoprene Muzzle Army

Beside all these lovely mask we have added some new accessoires to the pride collection, so you can start in the hopefully soon coming pride season. And to show your colors hardly can hurt.

Also for the naughty puppies there is a paddle so your backside can properly red when not obeying.

We wish you a fine weekend and say Wooof for today!

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