Spring is coming even this year

The weather is going to be sunny and warm, the parks at some places are filling up despite the unusual situation at the moment. We hope, everyone of you is still doing well, else we hope you’ll get better again soon!

We are not much affected by the current situation, we are operational and just have a very few delayed packages. Else it runs pretty smooth given the circumstances. So we are here for you and will process your orders as always. Right now where it is Easter season and lot of people wake up from hibernation and start to try out petplay for their own or with their beloved ones.

Fitting for that we have added a new beginner doggy anal plug in our portfolio:

Despite the low price the quality is very good, made of smooth silicone and with the measure perfectly made for beginners. Perfect for wagging your doggy ass.

By the way wagging and anal plugs: who doesn’t like anal plugs uses some tails to fit on their harness or similar. A product which hasn’t been on stock for quite some time and which appears to be hardly available in Europe these days:

We are happy to announce that we got some back in stock now. Who orders first, gets served first.

Last not least we have some news for the ponies. Our heavy metal anal plug tail is available now also in blonde.

With approximately 480 gram (1 pound) it’s not easy to wear but who says it always needs to be easy? Get up for some training 🙂

We wish you all a happy, sunny weekend!

Status Report (CoVid-19) March 21st

Dear friends,

Every day we all see the status reports and updates about the CoVid-19 pandemia. We are asked about our current state as well. So we like to take the chance to tell everyone of you, that we are currently fully operational. There are no shortage in products or their availibility at all. Only the parcel delivery times might be a few days more so it might be the packages arrives a day or two later than usual. We think this is fully understandable concerning the current situation and we are convinced all parcel companies will do their very best.

We like to process your order in our online webshop and we are available as usual for your support via e-mail and messenger.

Please stay healthy everyone!

Online Shop: https://www.fetish-pets-store.com/

More Anal Plugs and Leap Day Discount

It’s February 29th, a day that exists as known only every 4 years. So let us celebrate this. We offer you a  2.9% discount on all orders. Just put coupon code FEB29 in the shopping cart and the discount will be directly deduced. No minimum order, just save and enjoy.


New products we have for you as well of course.

Once again there are some news for ponies and pups, maybe even for kitties. We have no idea who wears what and why not an owner or other peeps wearing one? Everyone as they like 🙂

So let’s introduce our news:

There is this wonderful fluffy fur tail with a slender base. It comes with a remote control to control the vibration of the plug. What options do you need more?

And if beside the vibration the tail should move as well, maybe have a look at this one.


Also we have a wonderful unicorny multi-colored unicorn tail with fitting anal plug.




New Shipping Options to United States

Hi our dear friends in the United States and Canada,

we know there have been some bad performance from DHL in the last time, especially during the holidays. It just took a few weeks until the packages had arrived finally. We are really sorry for the delay, even though it was completely out of our responsibility.

So due to this we have added a new shipment option to the shop. The new option is FedEx express shipping. It’s not the cheapest option, that still stays the DHL shipping, but it’s after first tests pretty fast and reliable. The packages should arrive within like 3 business days.

Please note that this option is only availabe for delivery addresses in the United States and Canada.

If you are from other states and need an express delivery, please contact us before your order.