Review – Preview

The last weeks and months have been partly pretty rough for many people. There were cuts in the trade in goods and parcel delivery, some items were out of stock for a long time or were not available. Due to the restrictions in international air traffic and the required redirection to the waterways, delivery times were also significantly increased at times. Fortunately, we were and are not much affected by this and the situation has now mostly returned to normal. Unfortunately, due to the global crisis, there were no new products to introduce, so our blog was pretty devastated.

But let’s look ahead: The german government has lowered the VAT for products from 19% to 16% as of July 1st, 2020. If the german tax is applicable for you, the price in our shop is now lowered about 3% as well, which makes makes some “funny” price. But we believe in passing on this discount to you. The VAT will be raising back to 19% in January 1st, 2021.

New products should be available again soon and though we’ll post you the latest news in the blog as usual.

So last not least some small picture from the last days for your amusement, we are sending best wishes from Berlin (Germany) to all our friends, pets and petplayers worldwide. Stay safe and healthy!

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